What do I need to know before buying Flood Insurance?

When most homeowners think about flood insurance they think about a wall of water rushing through the home carrying away all your belongings into the street which has now become a river. The reality is that flood damage more frequently results from as little as an inch of water.

A flood can happen at any time and often comes at the most unexpected moment. And since here in the U.S. you need to purchase flood insurance 30 days before the policy goes into effect before you think you need it.

People who live in high-risk areas should definitely consider purchasing flood insurance and the mortgage owners often require that they do. However, even homes that are not in a flood zone are often at risk for flood damage, sometimes even more so because flooding wasn’t expected during construction.

Believe it or not, losses and damages due to flood are far more likely to occur than fire losses and this is even more true if your home is located in a flood zone. If you don’t want to lose all your belongings and need to rebuild from scratch don’t think twice about purchasing flood insurance.

As more and more construction happens around your home, the risks of flooding increase since rainfall can’t soak into concrete buildings, roads, and parking lots. Changing weather patterns are another major reason to consider purchasing flood insurance. Just because you haven’t had a flood near your home before doesn’t mean it can’t happen in the future!

If you’re in the market for flood insurance, whether or not you live in a flood plain, it’s important to work with an insurance agency that really knows flood insurance. Here at NoBSFloodInsurance.com we take flood insurance seriously and always get our clients the best rates on the coverage they need. For a free quote click here or give us a call any time at (800) 747- 5311.