5 Easy Ways to Reduce Flood Damage Risk to Your Home

Here at NoBSFloodInsurance.com we we see a lot of flood insurance claims being made. While we’re glad that our customers are taken care of with the protection we helped them choose, using your flood insurance is no replacement for preventing flood damage to begin with. Here’s 5 easy ways to reduce the risk of flood damage to your home
Raise All Indoor Electrical and Climate Systems

One of the easiest ways to reduce the risk of needing to use your flood insurance is to raise all switches, circuit breakers, sockets, and wiring at least one foot higher than the expected flood level in your area. This includes your water heater, furnace and any other anchored indoor equipment so that it sits above your property’s flood level.

Anchor and Raise All Outdoor Electrical Equipment

Generators, AC Units, Fuel tanks, heat pumps and all other outdoor electrical equipment should be security anchored and raised above the flood level in your area. Electrical power units and generators should never sit on the ground because they’ll become filled with water and useless in a flood.

Install Interior and Exterior Backflow Valves

If your sewer system is flooded it can cause sewage to back up into your home and take it from us, that’s not a pretty picture. Install an interior and exterior backflow valve to all pipes running in or out to make sure problems off your property don’t become problems on your property.

Check the Grading Of Your Home

Go outside your home during the next big rainstorm and pay attention to how water is flowing around and near your home. Is it being carried away effectively by the slope of the land? Could changes to the topography around your home prevent you from experiencing flood damage? You bet!

Take Last Minute Precautions Before a Potential Flood

If you know there’s a very dangerous rain event headed your way, take some time to move expensive items out of your basement or at least as high as you can, clear your gutters, elevate your major appliances and shut off your electricity at the breaker panel.

We sell flood insurance to people throughout the United States, but we like it much better if they don’t have to use it. If you’re concerned about flood insurance or just want to make sure you’re paying the right amount. For a free quote click here or give us a call any time at (800) 747- 5311.

Stay safe and dry!